MATH 4090 Winter 2018

Office Hours
N615 Ross, M 10:00-11:00am

Time and Place
Winter 2017
MWF: 11:30-12:30
CB 122

March 4 - Class continues. Class is not suspended. Notes will be posted.

Jan 12 lecture - unfortunately, the instructor could not make it to class. We will begin again on Monday Jan 15.
Feb 28 - unfortunately, the computer network is down. We will have a lecture in CB122 instead of a computer lab. See you in our regular classroom this Wednesday.

March 28 until end of term - We will have a lectures in CB122 instead of computer labs for the rest of the course.

Project Presentations - need to submit videos by Apr 11, by midnight. Submit your video and your presentation slides to the DropBox folder. Please watch each video and provide all comments and peer evaluation forms by midnight on April 13. Software to record your talk can be found in PowerPoint under the SlideShow tab. If you are using different software, please let me know.

Take-Home Exam - the take-home exam will take place from April 19 (9am) to April 23 (5pm). CrowdMark will be used.

This course will introduce the student to discrete, continuous and probabilistic modeling of problems from industry, finance and the life and physical sciences. The emphasis will be on the process of generating an appropriate model for the problem in question, so that the student can gradually develop intuition about the strengths and limits of modeling approaches. The student will complete a research project, developing and analyzing a model of a system of their choice.

Syllabus: found here pdf file

Project Presentations: TBA

Project information: Sample proposal and outline pdf file
Project Rubric: Marking scheme pdf file
Project Peer Evaluation Form - Presentations: Marking scheme pdf file
Possible topics: pdf file
Outline - due date is changed to March 5. Hand in via email if there is a strike.

Matlab refresher - Lab questions

Homework Questions: pdf file
Test 2 covers up to question 38.

Solving Linear Systems: Examples are found in the following file pdf file

Computer Labs:
Lab one pdf file, code for snakes and ladders doc file
Lab two pdf file
Lab three genetic_drift_code and two_elevator_code and genetic_drift_paper
Lab four pdf file and price_is_right
Lab five: using maple and matlab to plot phaseportraits <maple_example and SIR_maple, SIR_notes , and matlab_example
Lab six pdf file
Notes on optimization are here: read this
Notes on optimization (Lagrange Multipliers) are here: read this
Guest lecture slides are here: read this
NOTES - Game Theory and Dimensional Analysis pdf

Test1 Test 1, code for snakes and ladders chutes and ladders picture
Test2 Test 2